About us


Created in 2005, the company NRB Irrigation Solutions, Lda. appeared on the market in the area of production and development of productive systems, especially in Hydroponics.

As a result of this accumulated experience and a continuous growth, in 2007 the distribution of irrigation equipment begins, under the “IRRIPLAST” brand that it maintains today.

Under the same brand IRRIPLAST, as of 2012, NRB starts manufacturing irrigation equipment, of which the water reservoirs, FERTMASTER fertigation plants, SPINDISK automatic ring filtration plants, and more recently the iron hydraulic valves of AQUA-VALVE.


Development, manufacture and distribution of irrigation solutions, maintaining a clear commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


Constant innovation of our equipment.

Customer satisfaction, by offering solutions that guarantee capital gains.

Promotion and recognition of the competence of employees, for the constant improvement of the organization’s efficiency.


Credible and Safe

The www.nrb.pt website has security systems in order to ensure better navigation.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee a quality after-sales service.

Free Distribution

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