Self-Compensating dripper with Self-Cleaning 2, 3, 4 and 8 L/H.

  • Self-Cleaning System at the beginning of each irrigation cycle.
  • Very low profile online insertion dripper that reduces water clogging inside the tube, as well as facilitating the extension and collection of the irrigation sides.
  • Manufactured with technical materials and highly resistant to the most adverse conditions of water, fertilizers or other products normally used in agriculture.
  • Available with side water outlets or with collator for microtubes or distributor.
  • Working pressure: PC: 0,6 to 3,5 Atm.
  • Requires 120/130 micron mesh filtration (recommended with sand filtration required according to available water).
  • Injected dripper with very low CV (Coefficient of variation).
  • UV resistance. Great durability of its top quality technical materials.
  • For 16 mm diameter (PE) pipes. and thickness of 1.2 mm. 4 mm perforation/puncture.
  • Emitter output for 3 mm microtube. (D. inside) or adapter.
  • Watering in nurseries, vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees and other trees.
  • Specific for terrains with large topographic unevenness or large pressure drops.

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