The most advanced online dripper trusted the world over for performance and flexibility.

  • Supertif PCND – Self-compensating (PC) and anti-draining (ND) external dripper
  • Features a self-cleaning mechanism and precision manufacturing for maximum reliability in each dripper
  • Offers multiple outlet configurations, variable flow rates, no-drain options with multiple sealing and opening pressures, and a wide range of accessories
  • Outstanding clogging protection and resilient to harsh environmental conditions
  • IMPULSE WATERING – Its anti-drainage system keeps the water inside the PE tube, allowing high frequency watering and response speed.
  • THE SAME FLOW AT THE BASIS OF EACH PLANT ON ALL SIDEWAYS – High precision of its self-compensating mechanism (PC) under any work pressure.
  • RECORD DURABILITY – The superior quality of its 100% silicone membrane.
  • HIGH RELIABILITY – High resistance to clogging thanks to the unique design of the dripper body, with a self-cleaning mechanism.
  • PERFECT INSERTION – Its inlet design ensures perfect insertion into the PE side and microtube.
  • Intensive Horticulture
  • Greenhouses
  • Hydroponic Installations

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