IRRIFERTI Programmer

The IRRIFERTI Irrigation Programmer is a robust touch screen programmer, very easy to configure. As a result of our extensive experience in the agricultural sector and especially in irrigation, we present a fully configurable equipment capable of controlling the irrigation system, pumping, fertilizing, fertilizer agitation and filter cleaning in a wide variety of agricultural installations.

– Touchscreen
– Irrigation and fertigation programmer
– It has the possibility of remote access
– It has the possibility of activating wireless valves (RTU)
– Configurable in 6 languages
– 8 configurable digital inputs within the following options:
• DP pressure switch
• General Water Counter
• 1 of 5 Fertilizer Counters
• External Start 1 or 2
• 1 of 5 External Stops
– Models with 16 and 24 outputs available
– Allows cleaning up to 10 filters
– Allows up to 3 water pumps
– Allows up to 3 agitators
– Input for 1 general volumetric water meter
– Input up to 5 fertilizer counters
– Watering by time or volume
– 8 independent irrigation and fertigation programs
– Allows making 10 different groups of valves
– Possibility of saving records on USB stick for further analysis

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