• All assembly materials are protected by a metallic zinc and cobalt alloy, which provides great corrosion resistance capacity, which translates into an increase in the service life of the reservoirs.


  • IRRIFLEX 0.5 mm PVC bags are the most economical solution for professionals looking for quality and durability. These bags combine high flexibility, easy installation and maintenance while maintaining the attractive characteristics of PVC. The reinforced hem is a crucial part of the bag, supporting its weight and being the first to come into contact with the elements such as UV, radiation and wind. The sheath can be performed for different climates, anywhere in the world.

General features

  • Diameters from  1.82 m to 30.95 m
  • Capacities up to  1775 m3
  • Sheet thicknesses 0.8 to 1.2 mm
  • Sheets with 275 g/m2 of zinc